Tuesday, May 03, 2011


I might be a few days late but the mood is still on, as i'm in a very good mood. What a great weekend i had. And not to mention the great haul too. Here you go.. :)

Loading Toys x MGBB - Modern Warfare 22nd SAS Regiment.

Been waiting for this for quite some times. Pre-ordered it last November. Since i'm a fan of the SAS, this boxset is a must. And i bought 2. :D

All i can say is.. i'm OK with the boxset. Though there are still "what?" & "why laa..". The fabric is good. Vest, gas mask, helmet, knee/elbow pads, & holster are acceptable. But the custom MP5K is the letdown. The details are off compared to MGBB's prototype. Looks a bit oversized. The boots are like shrinking or something. And it's bootfeet. Packaging is the funny thing about this boxset. Why they use a big box that can fit a figure for just a gear set only? Why not use a small box like Very Hot? Hmm, maybe it's the marketing things. You open the window box & the accessories are all there for you to see. I can understand that. Conclusion: Again, it's an OK boxset for me & am happy for it.

TTL - Female SS 2.0.

Nice headsculpt & my kind of girl. 'Nuff said. :P

Burger King (Singapore) - Chicken Run plush toys.

Got 2 of them chickens.. Ginger & Babs. They're actually a set of 5 when released back then in 2000. Tapi auntie kat flea market Amcorp Mall tu ada 2 ekor ni saja. Harap next time ada lagi yang lain la. Boleh buat reban ayam pulak. :P


Thursday, April 28, 2011


9/4/2011 yang lepas bermulalah aku kerja oustation. Tahun ni mula awal banding dengan tahun lepas pasal budget dapat awal. Tahun lepas budget dekat bulan 5 baru dapat. So aku dah tour Perlis & Kedah (& Padang Besar, Thailand too :P). 1 week there & it was a "pesta makan" for me. How much do you pay here for a piece of Popiah Basah? RM1? RM1.20? There you can get 4 pieces for RM1 only! And the taste is good. Do Nasi Lemak bungkus 6 kupang still exist here? Not a chance. Char Kuew Teow, Nasi Lemak bungkus, Cendol Pulut, Ais Kacang.. it was a weight gainer for me. Makan & makan all the way. Too bad i didn't take the pictures. Sorry for that. Hey, i was busy "entertaining" my stomach.

Aku tidur kat Homestay Idaman di Taman Inda
h, Jitra. Rumah 3 bilik, 2 bilik mandi/tandas, 2 buah tv with Astro, peti ais & air condition. All that for RM100 per night. Actually it's RM150, but the owner is a friend of my boss. So go figure.

The haul: 2 helai t-shirt bundle beli di pasar malam Jitra. And not just another t-shirt, Juno & Hooters. Condition memang cun. Macam baru. Juno RM10 & Hooters RM3. Dirt cheap huh? Aku puas hati! :D

*Entry pasal Juno. Clik here.

Northern region not done yet. Will be in Pulau Pinang & Perak in 2 weeks then fly to Sabah & Labuan. Woohoo! :D

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Dah lama sangat aku tak beli buku. Not even a comic book. Magazine pun dah tak ingat bila kali terakhir beli. Tapi hari ni ada sebuah buku yang membuatkan aku nak beli.. Tank Girl: Armadillo! And A Bushel Of Other Stories. Even better, the 233 pages paperback only sold for RM5! How can i pass such "insane" bargain. Bought at Book Xcess Amcorp Mall. Aku dah korek habis bargain bin kat situ tapi 1 saja yang ada.

The novel.

I'm not a big fan of Tank Girl. Never had the comic book. Just browsed through a few issues at a comic book shop way back then. But i love the characters & the artworks. Not to mention the movie. Yup, there was a movie in 1995 staring Lori Petty as Tank Girl. Though it doesn't received a good review but i still love it. Never heard of Tank Girl? It's a comic book created by Jamie Hewlett & Alan C. Martin. For details, please do yourself a favour & click here for the comic books & here for the movie.

The comic book.

The novel was written by Alan C. Martin & published by Titan Books. Released in 2008 with USD 9.95 price tag. There are 59 short chapters. And not just that. In The Bushel section (bonus section - the book was divided into 2 parter), there are short stories, interview, unpublished/unfinished scripts, poems & many more. Aku baru saja baca a few pages tapi dah cukup puas hati. So if you can find one, just grab & enjoy. Recommended.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Sing to me Baby Doll, sing to me. I really need a good night sleep, an eternal sleep. Tired.. so tired..

Beautiful song. A very beautiful song. Goodnight..

Sing me to sleep
Sing me to sleep
I'm tired and I
I want to go to bed

Sing me to sleep
Sing me to sleep
And then leave me alone
Don't try to wake me in the morning
'Cause I will be gone
Don't feel bad for me
I want you to know
Deep in the cell of my heart
I will feel so glad to go

Sing me to sleep
Sing me to sleep
I don't want to wake up
On my own anymore

Sing to me
Sing to me
I don't want to wake up
On my own anymore

Don't feel bad for me
I want you to know
Deep in the cell of my heart
I really want to go

Sing me to sleep
Sing me to sleep

There is another world
There is a better world
Well, there must be
There must be

There is another world
There is a better world

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Actually there's no such thing as a case study. It just my observation for quite some times. It's everywhere. And it make me sick. Bukan niat nak kutuk orang suka hati, but that's the brutal truth. So please bear with me..

Jumaat lepas as usual aku pi sembahyang Jumaat kat Masjid Tunku Mizan aka Masjid Besi. Normally aku sampai lebih kurang 10-15 minutes before azan masuk waktu. Jalan kaki saja pasal dekat dengan office. Ok, memang dah selalu & dah naik meluat aku tengok orang dok "bercinta" dengan phone kat dalam masjid. Kalau kat luar kawasan boleh terima lagi tapi dah dalam dewan sembahyang pun nak make/answer call. Tu belum kira yang dok text lagi. Penting sangat ka kau punya call tu? Dah takleh tunggu lepas sembahyang? Oo.. kau nak selamatkan dunia ka? Make/answer call pasal nak defuse nuclear bomb. F**k you la!

Nak jadikan cerita hari tu aku ternampak sorang mamat dok text sambil letak BB dia atas carpet (kat dewan sembahyang). Kat depan ada ceramah sebelum masuk waktu. Nak show off phone ka atau kau memang bangang? Pastu ada lagi sorang dok buka casing iPhone & gosok2 atas carpet. Cuci casing ka? WTF?! Then susun 2 bijik phone dia kat depan. Tu sebelum kutbah. Time kutbah pun belambak lagi yang camtu. Khatib dok kutbah kat depan dia baik punya tersengih2 layan text. Kau nak bercinta ka, nak seronok tengok stock market naik ka.. pi kat luar la bro. Dah tak sempat2 ka? Orang kiri kanan dok tengok pun tak paham bahasa lagi. Bab tak tau hormat/adab dalam masjid aku taknak sentuh. Nanti makin meleret pulak. Aku memang angin 1 badan betul dengan orang camni. Time tengah sembahyang kadang2 segala macam bunyi ringtone boleh dengar. Phone kau takleh silent ka? Eh, phone mahal tu kan?

Makes me wonder.. 1) orang yang call tu tak tau ka time orang sembahyang Jumaat? 2) maybe orang yang terima call tu sebelum ni memang dok boleh jawab call time sembahyang Jumaat, which means dia tak pernah pi sembahyang Jumaat kot? Kalau tegur nanti kata aku "macam bagus" pulak. Lantak kau la. At least aku terasa/tau dalam hati yang kau buat benda tak betul. Tu saja yang aku mampu buat.

Aku tak kata aku baik. Kadang2 time kutbah pun aku terlelap pasal mengantuk sangat. Tapi aku tau/kenal simbol suruh silent phone kat dalam masjid. Kat depan dewan sembahyang dah tampal besar2 kau tak nampak ka? Maybe orang camni bila mati nanti batu nisan guna phone kot? Pacak 2 bijik kat atas kubur tu. D'uh..

Thursday, April 07, 2011


Just when i thought i've to hunt down this one on Ebay, it suddenly appeared. After countless "recon" at my nearest shopping mall that turned out everything-else-were-there-except-Stormtrooper, today is my lucky day. Went to another outlet hoping to score another 1 but nope, there's only 1 for me today. Fair enough as i'm already happy. :)

Actually i can't remember how many Stormtrooper with different mold that i have. But this one is the latest. Using the body from Sandtrooper with Dewback (Walmart Exclusive) that have ball-hinged hips. So the legs can be open wider for more action. Came with standard issue blaster & rifle. Helmet also removable (head is from TAC series).

This one is really hard to get now. If you bumped into 1, just grab.. IF YOU'RE A COLLECTOR.

Monday, April 04, 2011


Dokumentari/rencana yang menarik dari BBC. Kepada peminat military, silalah tengok.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Sunday, April 03, 2011


"If you feeling down, get yourself a toy

Lets go out to town, have a little joy".

Is that rhyme or what? :P Finally i got my Soldier Story US Marines in Afghanistan. Supposed to be i got it last week but somehow the seller "accidently" sold mine. *Fainted* Thank God they still got 1 more. Phew. Even from inside the box, all i can say is.. TERBAIK DARI SOLDIER STORY! Can't wait to gear up the figure. Just gimme some time to do the review ya.

"Accidental haul".. Hot Wheels Back to the Future Time Machine. Maybe just my lucky day. And not just 1, but i found 4! 3 already passed to friends. So who said it's rare? :P Since i'm not collecting HW anymore (used to back in 2004 until late 2008), i'm gonna pass it around later. Anybody want just lemme know. BUT, only if you still don't have it. Just trying to be fair la for true collectors out there.

So that's it.. my happy Sunday. :)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Sebelum korang dengar aku membebel, jom layan lagu dari Avril Lavigne dulu. Hehe. Ni 1st single dari latest album dia, What The Hell.

The new album - Goodbye Lullaby.

Kalau korang tengok betul2 video tu, perasan tak yang Avril promote brand dia? Masa dia bangun dari katil (dem berdarah hidung, haha :P) pastu terus pi kat cermin & guna perfume Black Star. Later masa pi shopping dia ambik baju Abbey Dawn. Tu semua brand dia la. See how artis luar guna segala media yang ada untuk promote brand diorang. One thing yang aku respect pasal artis Barat ni ialah diorang pandai buat business. Boleh kata semua artis kat sana ada business sendiri yang bukan cap ayam punya. Takyah susah2 pikir, tengok Planet Hollywood dah la. Tu semua otai yang punya (Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis & Demi Moore). Aku tak tau la if it's still a big deal now pasal kat KL dah tutup. But it was last time. Johnny Depp pulak ada kelab sendiri, Viper Room. Dia tu dah la kaya gila dengan berlakon saja, ada kelab lagi. Memang makan tak habis, haha.

Bukan apa, aku cuma terpikir artis Malaysia ada ka yang camtu? Ok, aku tau a few ada business restoran, butik & others. Cat Farish, Amy Search, Sheila Rusly & beberapa orang celebrity chef. Dengar cerita best gak makanan kat sana. KRU pulak dengan studio diorang. Maybe ada lagi yang lain tapi aku tak tau. Tapi aku rasa berapa kerat sangat yang buat camtu. Yang lain lebih gah dengan cerita gossip, kena tangkap basah, kahwin-cerai-kahwin balik, hisap dadah.. semua yang takda faedah & memalukan industri hiburan kita. Artis luar ada jugak buat camtu tapi diorang still hebat. Takyah la dok tiru/ikut benda2 tak elok. Sapa suruh. Mostly artis2 hingusan la. Baru berlakon 1 2 drama dah berlagak nak mampos. Dengan artis lama taknak hormat/belajar langsung. Bagi aku artis kat Malaysia ni kalau setakat nak hidup dengan duit berlakon/menyanyi memang takleh jadi kaya. Lain la artis perempuan yang kahwin dengan Datuk ka, Tan Sri ka. Jadi bini nombor berapa pun tak kisah asal duit banyak. Tapi later kalau bercerai kau dapat apa? Nothing la. Loser, haha.

Recently sorang kawan aku jadi designer untuk t-shirt tour Double Trouble. Amy Search yang bagi dia job ni (congrats bro). Amy ada bagitau nak mula buat brand untuk artis. Laa.. apasal baru sekarang? Patut benda ni dah lama. Kalau ada brand sendiri at least ada royalti. Orang pun boleh kenal yang ni brand sapa, yang tu brand sapa. It's all about branding yourself. Korang artis kan? Role model.. ya ka? I don't think so kot, haha. Berlakon/menyanyi itself already a business. So why not expand it? Teringin jugak aku nak tengok artis kita betul2 hebat/berjaya sampai tahap international. Ya aku tau memang ada, tapi boleh maintain ka? Takan nak bangga dengan one-off saja? Kadang2 kesian tengok artis yang dah lama gila dalam industri tapi nampak macam takda kerja. Well, hopefully it's a good start from Amy. Better late then never. Kalau tak later artis kita jadi cam takda harga. Syok sendiri saja. Berlakon 1 2 drama/filem, released 1 2 album pastu terus diam. 2 3 tahun pastu keluar compilation. Tak habis2 dengan compilation. Yang peliknya dok rotate lagu sama saja. Beli 2 compilation dah boleh dapat 1 complete album sorang artis, haha. Oklah, hopefully Amy & the gang berjaya dengan mission diorang. Aku peminat ni, hehe. Lagi pun kawan aku terlibat, so aku nak tengok dia berjaya jugak la. Selamat....


The fragrance line - Black Star.

The clothing line - Abbey Dawn.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Last 2 weeks i bought my 2nd UMP. It's from an unknown brand. The quality & details are acceptable. So far i think there's only 3 or 4 1/6 UMP out there. DML's is the rare one. Here's my review:


Buttstock can be fold.

Removable magazine & silencer. The bullets inside magazine also can be remove. Came with 1 extra magazine. Sling made of rubber with metal buckles. The magazines are translucent so you can see the bullets inside.


Buttstock can be fold.

Removable magazine, silencer & foregrip. Came with 1 magazine only. Sling made of cloth with metal buckle. The magazine is a bit loose. The bullets you see are not translucent but molded & painted.

Unknown Brand (top) got 2 holes at the barrel just like the 1/1 scale. There's spring loaded inside for cocking action. Selector also got printed for single fire, burst or automatic. DML doesn't have the 2 holes, spring loaded & printed selector.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Assalamualaikum. Dah lama tak klik "New Post" kat sini. Rindu la pulak, hehe. 1st post of 2011 after 3 long months. Guess i'm rusted already kot, haha. But hey, i'm back now. Banyak gila benda yang aku nak blog kan. Dah lama sangat tertangguh. Naik sesak otak aku dengan benda2 tu. Now it's time to unleashed! Oh yeah! :D Tapi entry ni just for teaser only. Preparation for the upcoming post. A reminder that i do have a blog, haha. :P Ok guys, see y'all again tomorrow. Choww..

Oh, here's the reason for the comeback..

"Come back Helmi.. Come back to the Dark Side where you belong. Leave the others for they're not worthy".