Tuesday, September 28, 2010


With the purchase of Jabba's Throne recently (which i haven't open yet), it triggered me to do a review on Jabba's gang aka whoever inside the Jabba's Palace. I still missing a few figures to complete the gang. But will try to do whatever i have. So Jabba 101 class start today. :P

I start with Jabba's right hand man. This is the 2nd Bib Fortuna released in modern line. The 1st one was POTF2 & then reissued in OTC. SAGA version is better because Bib looks slimmer & of course the sculpt is good. Articulations are basic. Ball jointed head, swivel elbow & wrist. I think it's good enough since all he did was standing next to Jabba.

Series: SAGA.
Year: 2006.

Accessory: a dagger which can fit into his belt.

"Dey wanna wonga"

Since the Vintage Collection is back, i guess Hasbro will include Bib in the series. Give him a cloth cloack, add some articulations & that will hit the spot.

*credit to Rebelscum for carded picture.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Picked up this guy yesterday. Thanks to Fared who bought for me during my Raya holiday. It's the only VC foil card that i want. Others i'll pass. I noticed this version missing a hilt from the original VOTC. Less 1 accessory huh. That is so Hasbro. And i don't want to start on the starcase (bring back starcase for Vintage Collection!).

The foil.

Where's my hilt?

As for the already listed VC figures, my next will be Wooof & Gamorrean Guard. Hope can get a loose one.

Wooof - need him to complete my Jabba's Skiff guard.

Gamorrean Guard - additional to my Jabba's bodyguard.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Just look at the big smile on Elmo's face. You lucky red puppet, haha. If you guys been following news on Yahoo, there's a controversial video which involved superhot Katy Perry & supercute Elmo. Ok, off with your twisted dirty minded. Haha. Actually Katy shot a video clip of parody to her song "Hot & Cold" with Elmo for Sesame Street's 41st Season debut. She even tone down the lyrics for the show.

"You're up and you're down.. You're running around.. You're fast then you're slow.. You stop then you go".

But somehow parents got issue with her dressing. Well, it's Katy Perry. Dunno who's to blame because i thought there's a dress code/ethic for that kind of show. Especially the one that involved children. As a fully grown up adult, i dont think that her dress too revealing. But for children, it's not appropriate. But do you think those children really paying attention to all that? I mean Katy's dress? Elmo was here way longer than her. Hmm.. maybe. Kids nowadays, haha. Check out the video on Youtube. Can't upload here because my office block it.

Whatever it is, to parents out there.. you judge what's good for your children.

Cheers. :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Finally got mine yesterday evening while doing my grocery shopping. Wave 2 just landed & they're fresh on the peg (all 12). What a luck, hehe. This is my 2nd VC figure. 1st is Darth Vader (foil card). Actually i just wanted to get a loose one. But since they're right in front of me.. hey, it's no brainer lah if i don't buy right? This guy will be keep carded & i need a starcase.

I'm not really into 2010 vintage figures because:

1) Prequel included. What?!
2) No starcase like VOTC.

Why did i bought this? Fyi, Sandtrooper never been made in the vintage line. The 1st one was POTF2 Green Card (1996). But some said it was released on Red Card 1st, then change to Green Card. So technically it's not a vintage. But it's a Kenner. Now that's why. A friend of mine said "buy because of the logo lah". Haha. Totally agreed with him.

Thursday, September 02, 2010


It's been a while since my last toy review. Now i'm back with a WW2 German soldier from DML (Dragon). Bought this on Ebay last month. I'm not really into WW2, but just recently got poison buy German soldiers from DML & DID. So i guess the tank commander is a kickstart for my WW2 collection, hehe.

He's wearing leather-like jacket (made of soft pvc) & overall inside. Boots are molded. The Swastika made of rubber.

MP40 with sling, adjustable buttstock & removable magazine.

Sauer 38H pistol (correct me if i'm wrong on this) with removable magazine & 2 hand grenades.

Field cap (molded), headphones & throat mic.

Working holster & belt.

For a figure released in 2000 & below RM200 price tag, i'm happy with it. The leather-like jacket is very nice. Gloves are also nicely done. I thought the MP40 is spring loaded, but it's not. Can't complaint that much since this is early generation of Dragon action figures (again, correct me if i'm wrong on this). The seller told me that the 3rd generation are better. You can get more details on weapon & accessories. Overall, it's a good action figure. :)