Tuesday, May 03, 2011


I might be a few days late but the mood is still on, as i'm in a very good mood. What a great weekend i had. And not to mention the great haul too. Here you go.. :)

Loading Toys x MGBB - Modern Warfare 22nd SAS Regiment.

Been waiting for this for quite some times. Pre-ordered it last November. Since i'm a fan of the SAS, this boxset is a must. And i bought 2. :D

All i can say is.. i'm OK with the boxset. Though there are still "what?" & "why laa..". The fabric is good. Vest, gas mask, helmet, knee/elbow pads, & holster are acceptable. But the custom MP5K is the letdown. The details are off compared to MGBB's prototype. Looks a bit oversized. The boots are like shrinking or something. And it's bootfeet. Packaging is the funny thing about this boxset. Why they use a big box that can fit a figure for just a gear set only? Why not use a small box like Very Hot? Hmm, maybe it's the marketing things. You open the window box & the accessories are all there for you to see. I can understand that. Conclusion: Again, it's an OK boxset for me & am happy for it.

TTL - Female SS 2.0.

Nice headsculpt & my kind of girl. 'Nuff said. :P

Burger King (Singapore) - Chicken Run plush toys.

Got 2 of them chickens.. Ginger & Babs. They're actually a set of 5 when released back then in 2000. Tapi auntie kat flea market Amcorp Mall tu ada 2 ekor ni saja. Harap next time ada lagi yang lain la. Boleh buat reban ayam pulak. :P