Tuesday, October 12, 2010


After been thinking for about 2 months, i finally decided to buy it. Now i can start to kitbash my Biohazard/Resident Evil theme, hehe. This is from Dragon (DML) Biohazard Code: Veronica series. I think it came out in 2001/02.

Why 2 months? Actually the vest & shirt were sold in set with a pair of camouflage pants, belt, holster with Glock, pouch, canteen, Maglight with pouch, boots & throat mic with radio. All that for RM75 (!). The only original part from Chris Redfield are belt, holster with Glock & boots & i only wanted the vest & shirt. Well.. win some lose some. I know HT vest is way better but i don't want to pay a ridiculous price for that on Ebay. So DML is good enough for me.

The vest is nicely done but a bit small. I tried on HT TT body & it look tight. There're 5 pouches but none of 'em can fit any magazine. Maybe they're utilities pouches. But i can always fill any of it with shotgun shells. No big deal at all, hehe.

Here's my work in progress.. S.T.A.R.S officer. This is my own version. So it may not look like from any of the video game series. Still looking for some parts.. black long sleeves t-shirt, holster, drop leg MP5 mag pouch, gas mask bag, knife, knee pads & grenades. Already bought ACE combat boots online.

Stay tuned. :)

Monday, October 11, 2010


Series: 30th Anniversary Collection (TAC).
Year: 2007.

I have to confess.. this is the the ugliest action figure i have in my collection. Not even the "you're one ugly motherfucker" Predator can top this, haha. But ain't everybody in Jabba's Palace are ugly?

"Hunchback of Notradame". :P

Accessory: A vibro axe.

Hermi Odle is great being the 1st time made into action figure. The details are awesome. The articulations not that much but fair enough. He got swivel neck, wrist, waist & hips, ball jointed shoulders & ankles. Even the jaw can be open. The best touch Hasbro made was the cloth cape & scarft. I really dig that.

*credit to Rebelscum for carded figure.

Friday, October 01, 2010


Series: Power Of The Jedi - Fan's Choice Figure No. 2.
Year: 2001.

Here's another bounty hunter for you. This is a nice figure even without that much articulation. He only got ball jointed arms. The paintjob is good.

Accessories: Staff with human skulls & human skeleton.

Amanaman came with Salacious Crumb, which i considered a bonus figure since i don't have his 1st released with Oola (POTF2 Fan Club Exclusive).

If you're a Bounty Hunter collector, then you must get this figure.

*Credit to Rebelscum for the carded picture.