Monday, May 31, 2010


It's been a while since i last buy anything Star Wars. Not that i'm losing "The Force", but there's nothing out there to make me jump off my seat & be "faster than a speeding bullet" to get that something. On top of that, things that i really wanted are already out of sight. Missed the new version of Slave Leia, Dewback (Walmart exclusive) & Darth Krayt/Sigel Dare Comic Packs. We also won't be seing Darth Nihl because Comic Packs line was already cancelled. There goes my Legacy trio (Darth Krayt, Darth Talon & Darth Nihl). Damn you Hasbro.

But come this August there will be something for me. While other collectors are going gaga over the new AT-AT, i had my eyes only on Cloud Car. And i do have a "landing permit" this time, haha. :P Hopefully Jabba's Throne can make it to our shore too since it's another Walmart exclusive. Damn i hate exclusive. Ok then, here's what put a big smile on my face yesterday. :D

Bought this lot with a can't-resist-happily-ever-after price.. TLC Scout Trooper, TLC Snowtrooper & TLC Jawa (without Security Droid). All loose complete. Actually i already got all of 'em, except for the new cloth skirt Jawa. Just wanted to add some spice to my small collection, huhu. Well, they said the more the merrier right?

Pepsi Nex Bearbrick (2007). Thanks to bro Rockaholic for the buddy price, hehe.


Saturday, May 22, 2010


She's back & i'm so happy. Oh Amy Lee.. ;)

The new lineup:

Amy Lee - vocal/piano/songwriter.
Terry Balsamo - guitar.
Tim McCord - bass.
Will Hunt - drums.
Will "Science" Hunt - programming.


Friday, May 21, 2010


Another warehouse sale's vehicle for me to review. It's the red, crimson thingy that makes me bought this one. My fetish towards red & black. You guys wouldn't understand, haha. :P Enjoy.

Out of box.

Manual & decals.

The pilot: Aero-Viper.

Detailed helmet & vest. But what's with the gold color?

Bottom: 3 wheels & compartment for Spy Plane.

Slide wing out.

Detailed cockpit.

Push tail back to open weapon compartments.

Insert missle & push button to fire.

Another missle look alike which you can attach on the left side. Don't ask me what & why. It's the Hasbro thing.

Spy Plane.

There's a small fin at the bottom.

Slide wings out.

Cockpit? More like a sleeping bag to me, haha. :P

Retractable landing gears deployed.

Spy Plane in its compartment.

You can see the Spy Plane through weapon compartments.

Aero-Viper inside cockpit.

"Tell Cobra Commander i'm gonna take a nap".

Here comes the "flying sleeping bag". :P

Load 'em up.

There you go. My review of super deformed F-117 Stealth Fighter, haha. Cheers. :D

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


As promised, the review of my "racun" at the previous Hasbro Warehouse sale. I'm not really a big fan of GI Joe but i dig their vehicles. And this one is a "love at 1st sight", haha. Dive! :P

Out of box.

Manual & decals.

The pilot: Aqua-Viper Officer. He comes with a supercool helmet, a backpack with 2 hoses which you can attach to the helmet & a rifle. There's a holster but no pistol? That is so Hasbro.

The pilot rocks! The vest is detail with all the only-divers-know gadget.


Got 3 wheels & a rotating gun at the tail.

The cockpit. You can lift up the handle bar.

Slide the wing to insert missle.

Grabber claw. You have to open it manually, push the button in the middle & it goes.. snap!

You can place extra missles at the wings.

Pilot inside the cockpit. Fit nicely.

How cool is that? Hehe. ;D But 1 thing i still don't get it.. why mantis? That thing clearly looks like stingray/manta? Whatever lah Hasbro..