Monday, June 28, 2010


2, 3 minggu ni aku agak busy. Last week kat Perlis & Kedah seminggu. Sebelum tu bercuti kat kampung, seminggu jugak. Actually aku bakal busy sampai bulan 8 ni pasal banyak outstation, huhu. Semalam lepak kat Amcorp setelah 2 minggu tak pi sana. Weekend yang cukup puas hati pasal akhirnya dapat apa yang dah lama aku nak/cari. Benda apa tu? Jom tengok.. :D

Comic Packs Darth Krayt & Sigel Dare. Beli kat One Toy for RM45 only, haha. Last time ada 1 set tapi aku tengah pokai. Semalam memang rezeki la.

Finally.. i got my VOTC 2006 UGH George Lucas in Stormtrooper Disguise. Dah lama sangat mengidam ni. Thanks to Aede pasai tolong bid kat Ebay UK & thanks to his girlfriend also pasai tolong hand carry dari sana. Save shipping, hehe. I got this for RM85 only. No mailer box but fine enough for me.

Mr. Lucas himself.

Button badges beli dari Fared. Ada lagi 1 design, helmet X-Wing pilot. Dapatkan segera dari kedai Heroes Apparel. 1 = RM4, 3 =RM10.

Entertainment Weekly issue bulan April. Beli kat Book Access for RM9.90 only.

Ni dia haul yang tak disangka2.. t-shirt Kick-Ass! Again, thanks to Aede. Beli dari Ebay jugak for RM75.

Done. :)

Friday, June 04, 2010


The explosion of BP's offshore drilling rig at the Gulf of Mexico was a terrible disaster. A catastrophe. Oil continued to spill at a rate of about a thousand barrels a day. Environmentalists warned that "oil spills are extremely harmful to marine life when they occur and often for years or even decades later". I don't wanna know how it happened because i know things do happen. But BP better do something right & do it quick. These pictures tell a thousand words.

A bird is mired in oil on the beach.

A brown pelican covered in oil sits on the beach.

A brown pelican is mired in heavy oil on the beach.

A dead shark is seen laying in the surf as concern continues that the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico may harm animals in its path.

An oil-covered crab is seen on an oil-impacted beach.

A dragonfly tries to clean itself as it is stuck to marsh grass covered in oil.

A dead sea turtle is seen laying on a beach.

A dolphin lies on dead on a beach in the Gulf of Mexico. Officials say that at least 6 dead dolphins have been found on the Gulf Coast since May 2.

It's not an alien invasion.. it's not the dinosaurs.. it's not even a monster that came out from the sea. But it's us.. human.

So please.... "kill yourself".


*credit goes to Yahoo News for the pictures.