Sunday, April 24, 2011


Dah lama sangat aku tak beli buku. Not even a comic book. Magazine pun dah tak ingat bila kali terakhir beli. Tapi hari ni ada sebuah buku yang membuatkan aku nak beli.. Tank Girl: Armadillo! And A Bushel Of Other Stories. Even better, the 233 pages paperback only sold for RM5! How can i pass such "insane" bargain. Bought at Book Xcess Amcorp Mall. Aku dah korek habis bargain bin kat situ tapi 1 saja yang ada.

The novel.

I'm not a big fan of Tank Girl. Never had the comic book. Just browsed through a few issues at a comic book shop way back then. But i love the characters & the artworks. Not to mention the movie. Yup, there was a movie in 1995 staring Lori Petty as Tank Girl. Though it doesn't received a good review but i still love it. Never heard of Tank Girl? It's a comic book created by Jamie Hewlett & Alan C. Martin. For details, please do yourself a favour & click here for the comic books & here for the movie.

The comic book.

The novel was written by Alan C. Martin & published by Titan Books. Released in 2008 with USD 9.95 price tag. There are 59 short chapters. And not just that. In The Bushel section (bonus section - the book was divided into 2 parter), there are short stories, interview, unpublished/unfinished scripts, poems & many more. Aku baru saja baca a few pages tapi dah cukup puas hati. So if you can find one, just grab & enjoy. Recommended.

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