Thursday, April 07, 2011


Just when i thought i've to hunt down this one on Ebay, it suddenly appeared. After countless "recon" at my nearest shopping mall that turned out everything-else-were-there-except-Stormtrooper, today is my lucky day. Went to another outlet hoping to score another 1 but nope, there's only 1 for me today. Fair enough as i'm already happy. :)

Actually i can't remember how many Stormtrooper with different mold that i have. But this one is the latest. Using the body from Sandtrooper with Dewback (Walmart Exclusive) that have ball-hinged hips. So the legs can be open wider for more action. Came with standard issue blaster & rifle. Helmet also removable (head is from TAC series).

This one is really hard to get now. If you bumped into 1, just grab.. IF YOU'RE A COLLECTOR.


soulrake said...

very spesific..

darthmental said...

of course.. :D